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Skin Packaging


Qvac has been a leading brand in skin and blister packaging for over 40 years. Our lines of machinery have evolved over the years keeping pace with the latest technology to offer our customers the fastest, most energy efficient skin packaging, blister forming and vacuum forming machines available.


Starview Packaging Machinery is a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging machinery and has been supplying highly functional packaging systems to its' customers and distributors since 1991.

Our competitive advantage is in providing a complete range of both standard and customized quality systems with various features conveniently included.

Our lines comprise of Blister Sealers, Plastic-to-Plastic Heat Sealers, Skin Packaging Systems, Roller Die Cutters, Vacuum Formers, Sealers for Pharmaceutical Applications, Food Tray Thermosealers, Vacuum Packaging with/without gas.

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