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Viper Tape - Our proprietary carton sealing tapes are manufactured to meet today's ever changing variety of corrugated and linerboard boxes. Viper tapes are designed to handle any combination of board, virgin, recycled and the newer totally recycled boxes. Viper Gripmaster comes in Premium, 1.6mil (Hot Melt), Heavy Duty 1.75mil (Acrylic) and High Performance 1.9mil (Acrylic). These tapes offer excellent processing properties whether manually or automatically applied. A guaranteed solution when using pressure sensitive carton sealing tapes!

Neway also offers a complete line of other carton sealing tapes, Acrylics, Hot Melt, Natural Rubber and Water Activated Tapes. Neway also supplies a complete line of Industrial Tapes : Masking, Filament, Strapping, Cloth/Duct, Flatback, Polyethylene and Surface Protection films. With a wide selection of grades to meet any demand, Neway has you covered.

YOU can count on Neway to supply a superior tape for any situation !

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